Nature Resounds in Israel - Part I

Catalog number: KSUCD206
16 soundscapes, total time 78'34"

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My sincere thanks to all of you who made this recording possible. I would especially like to thank my guides Ariela Toivanen and Netanel BarDavid. Their help was crucial in finding the best sites to make these recordings.

Kuopio 12th August 2006
Lauri Hallikainen
Producer / Recording engineer

Track descriptions and background species

This recording was made during the period 28.3.-4.4.2004 in several locations: The Ein Gedi oasis which is a natural wildlife site on the west bank of the Dead Sea close to the Negevi Desert (tracks 5, 9, 11 and 15); in the village of Jad Hashmona and its neighbouring hills, situated in Central Israel in the Judea Mountains to the west of Jerusalem (tracks 4, 6, 8 and 12); in the Kfar Blum kibbutz and the nearby natural wildlife site located in the Hule Valley in the north of Israel which is a favourite resting spot for migrating birds (tracks, 1, 2, 3, 7, 10, 13, 14 and 16).

In the CD you can hear the following bird, reptile and mammalian species: Palestine Sunbird (tracks 6 and 8), Laughing Dove (tracks 5 and 8), White-throated Kingfisher (track 10), Asiatic jackal (track 12), European Green Toad (track 2), Cetti’s Warbler (tracks 1, 10 and 14), European Goldfinch (tracks 1 and 10), Sand Partridge (track 15), Syrian Woodpecker (track 13), Spanish Sparrow (track 3), Eurasian Blackbird (track 4), Blackstart (tracks 11 and 15), Fan-tailed Raven (track 9), Graceful Warbler (track 10), Black Francolin (tracks 1 and 14), Eurasian Reed Warbler (track 7), Eurasian Collared Dove (tracks 1, 4, 7, 10, 13 and 14), White-spectacled Bulbul (tracks 3 and 9), European Greenfinch (track 3), House Sparrow (tracks 6, 8 and 13) and European Turtle Dove (track 1).

Translated by Airi MacDonald and Ewen MacDonald 2006

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